Foxing, my love

Straight from Foxing’s bandcamp: “Foxing is a band. Someday Foxing won’t be a band.”

While this is true, they’re a damn good band, and even when they won’t be a band, their incredible music will live on in the bowels of the internet and Spotify alike.

I have a deep emotional connection to Foxing, mostly because of the person that really got me into them. He helped me put Dealer at the top of my favorite albums of all time. There are a lot of memories intertwined with Foxing’s music, and although a lot of them make me feel a little blue, I recently powered through it and started listening to them again (and I am so happy I did because now I can go back to screaming the lyrics to “Glass Coughs” in my car). I loved Foxing so much so that a few months ago, I found a whole bunch of old-timey stock footage, edited it all together in Movie Maker, set it to a couple Foxing songs and bam – my little video babies were born. I made two videos for the songs “Redwoods” and “Glass Coughs” (both from Dealer), and I’ve been extremely happy with the way they turned out.

I’ve been wanting to make an “art” category here on Little Doe, featuring some of my own creations as well as other art that I love or find interesting, so I figured I’d start off with sharing some of my favorite things that I’ve made. 

Beauty / Skin Care

oVertone Copper Kit Review: Update


It’s always pretty difficult to be able to tell how much you love or hate a new beauty product after just one or two uses (unless it’s literally the worst thing in the entire world). Right off the bat, however, I knew I’d be a long time user of oVertone’s copper kit to maintain my red locks. After using it religiously for a couple of months now, I can safely say it’s one of my absolute favorite hair products I’ve ever used. I’ve also never found a better color depositing conditioner and the staying power of the deep conditioners is amazing. If you’re sick of that Manic Panic washing right down the drain, then oVertone is your new lord and savior. The copper kit from oVertone comes with their most pigmented conditioners so initially, my hair was pretty bright orange-red, which I was stoked about, but I started to experiment with diluting it and doing the daily conditioner every other day and I am so happy with the way it’s been working out for me. In the shower, I squeeze a big ‘ol glob of Shea Moisture repairing conditioner in my hand and then follow with two smaller globs of the red and orange oVertone goodness and mix it all together and leave it in my hair for about five minutes. If I feel like my hair is getting too bright, I skip the oVertone for a day or two and just shampoo and condition like normal and that seems to help a lot. I do the deep conditioning treatments about once a month with a 1:1 color ratio and then dilute it with 2 parts white conditioner and it’s just enough to freshen up the color.

Pictured above is my hair in natural lighting after about a month or two of diluting my concoctions. I’ll post some more pictures in the rest of this post for comparison to my earlier initial review!  Continue reading “oVertone Copper Kit Review: Update”

Beauty / Skin Care

oVertone Copper Kit: First Impressions


Back when I made the decision to dye my hair a coppery, fiery shade of red, I did a lot of research on products that would help maintain the color, as red is known to fade faster than the speed of light. Although I eventually decided to go back to my natural color, a medium brown, with a little blonde on the ends, my desire to be a bottle redhead did not fade. My hair has been through quite a bit, though, and my conscious told me my locks didn’t need any more damage. Thus, I dug up some of the old research I had done on products to maintain red hair and I reintroduced myself to the world of color-depositing conditioners. I felt safe in venturing towards color-depositing conditioners as they simply deposit colors, and won’t lighten or damage your hair. My thought was that if I used a ginger-y color-depositing shampoo on my brown and blonde hair, I would achieve the color I always wanted, and with minimal damage! So I knew I needed something pretty pigmented to show up on my darker strands of hair, and I knew just the line of products that would do it for me: oVertone. Continue reading “oVertone Copper Kit: First Impressions”