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oVertone Copper Kit: First Impressions


Back when I made the decision to dye my hair a coppery, fiery shade of red, I did a lot of research on products that would help maintain the color, as red is known to fade faster than the speed of light. Although I eventually decided to go back to my natural color, a medium brown, with a little blonde on the ends, my desire to be a bottle redhead did not fade. My hair has been through quite a bit, though, and my conscious told me my locks didn’t need any more damage. Thus, I dug up some of the old research I had done on products to maintain red hair and I reintroduced myself to the world of color-depositing conditioners. I felt safe in venturing towards color-depositing conditioners as they simply deposit colors, and won’t lighten or damage your hair. My thought was that if I used a ginger-y color-depositing shampoo on my brown and blonde hair, I would achieve the color I always wanted, and with minimal damage! So I knew I needed something pretty pigmented to show up on my darker strands of hair, and I knew just the line of products that would do it for me: oVertone. Continue reading “oVertone Copper Kit: First Impressions”