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New Beginnings: an Introduction


Before I dive into beginning Little Doe, I wanted to write a little bit about who I am and what my goals are in starting this project.

The past year of my life has changed me as a person. A quick succession of events that were painful for me forced me to undergo a process that spat me out as a hardened, pessimistic individual. I lost a lot of my creativity and the fire that fueled the passions I had in my life. It’s been extremely difficult for me to come to the realization that I am simply a husk of my former self, and I am still at a loss on how to get myself back into an environment where I can feel like myself again (and not like some The Smiths lyrics).

In an effort to rebuild myself, I am creating Little Doe. This blog will partly be a place for me to document things that I am passionate about in hopes of reigniting the fire I once had. In the future, I also hope to be able to look back on old posts and see myself getting back on my feet.

I guess, in short, Little Doe is the beginning of a personal journey. I’m excited to get started, which makes me pretty hopeful because it’s the first time I’ve felt so motivated to do something in what feels like forever. Even though the new year hasn’t been very kind to me yet, I plan on turning things around and taking advantage of the sadness that I’m feeling. After being hopeless for so long, I am going to let myself feel hopeful again.

So, my goal here is to bring love and passion back into my life, and through this, I hope anyone reading Little Doe can also take away some positivity from what I’m doing.


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