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oVertone Copper Kit: First Impressions


Back when I made the decision to dye my hair a coppery, fiery shade of red, I did a lot of research on products that would help maintain the color, as red is known to fade faster than the speed of light. Although I eventually decided to go back to my natural color, a medium brown, with a little blonde on the ends, my desire to be a bottle redhead did not fade. My hair has been through quite a bit, though, and my conscious told me my locks didn’t need any more damage. Thus, I dug up some of the old research I had done on products to maintain red hair and I reintroduced myself to the world of color-depositing conditioners. I felt safe in venturing towards color-depositing conditioners as they simply deposit colors, and won’t lighten or damage your hair. My thought was that if I used a ginger-y color-depositing shampoo on my brown and blonde hair, I would achieve the color I always wanted, and with minimal damage! So I knew I needed something pretty pigmented to show up on my darker strands of hair, and I knew just the line of products that would do it for me: oVertone.

My hair stylist had mentioned it to me a few times when I asked for maintenance products recommendations, and I was pretty interested in what they offered. Generally, they cater more towards people with what they call “fantasy hair”, which is essentially any color on the rainbow. But they do offer two color-depositing conditioners in both a bold red and a bright orange, and had them in a kit for copper hair. Their daily conditioners and deep conditioners come in varying intensities, but the copper kit had the following (follow the links to read more about the products individually):

The idea is to mix them to get a color that suits your needs, or to switch the colors you wash your hair with every other day to develop a color that’s a perfect balance of the two. oVertone’s FAQ states that light, damaged, bleached hair will take the semi-permanent color in the conditioners much better than “virgin” hair, so I knew that the blonde ends of my locks were going to be much brighter than the rest of it, but I was willing to take the leap and try it, knowing I could let the semi-permanent color fade into something not so bright if I needed to.

My hair started out like this:pic 1.png

And after mixing the Extreme Orange and Vibrant Red Go Deep conditioners in a ratio of 2:1, letting it sit for fifteen minutes, I ended up with this: pic 2.png


And I was exactly right in speculating the ends of my hair would be brighter because WOW it was bright, but I was super happy with it. My medium brown hair has a very nice copper color, and the rest of my hair is a very warm, bright orange-red. I do prefer my hair looking more natural, but I’m happy with the way it turned out and will continue to maintain it with the daily and weekly treatments, maybe messing around with diluting it some to figure out what would give me a more natural coppery tone.

The conditioners themselves smell like minty heaven, and my hair felt so soft after using the Go Deep treatment. I was surprised and thrilled to see that oVertone hair products contain quite a few naturally-derived ingredients.

In closing, I’m extremely happy with my oVertone experience. My only con with the products are the price: it isn’t cheap. I plan on diluting my conditioners in my efforts to tone down the brightness a little more, but if you’re someone who is looking to stop traffic with some extremely bright blue hair, you’re going to go through these products relatively quickly. But hey, if your wallet can handle it, I’d absolutely recommend oVertone to anyone who isn’t afraid of experimenting with color.

Disclaimer: I bought my kit myself, and this is not a sponsored post – I’m just sharing my experience with oVertone

Thank you for reading! oVertone is a great company being run by a small number of people and they have a lot of love in what they do. I’d highly recommend checking them out on their website and look around on their blog! I’ll make another post in the future to go beyond just my first impressions of the copper kit.


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