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oVertone Copper Kit Review: Update


It’s always pretty difficult to be able to tell how much you love or hate a new beauty product after just one or two uses (unless it’s literally the worst thing in the entire world). Right off the bat, however, I knew I’d be a long time user of oVertone’s copper kit to maintain my red locks. After using it religiously for a couple of months now, I can safely say it’s one of my absolute favorite hair products I’ve ever used. I’ve also never found a better color depositing conditioner and the staying power of the deep conditioners is amazing. If you’re sick of that Manic Panic washing right down the drain, then oVertone is your new lord and savior. The copper kit from oVertone comes with their most pigmented conditioners so initially, my hair was pretty bright orange-red, which I was stoked about, but I started to experiment with diluting it and doing the daily conditioner every other day and I am so happy with the way it’s been working out for me. In the shower, I squeeze a big ‘ol glob of Shea Moisture repairing conditioner in my hand and then follow with two smaller globs of the red and orange oVertone goodness and mix it all together and leave it in my hair for about five minutes. If I feel like my hair is getting too bright, I skip the oVertone for a day or two and just shampoo and condition like normal and that seems to help a lot. I do the deep conditioning treatments about once a month with a 1:1 color ratio and then dilute it with 2 parts white conditioner and it’s just enough to freshen up the color.

Pictured above is my hair in natural lighting after about a month or two of diluting my concoctions. I’ll post some more pictures in the rest of this post for comparison to my earlier initial review! 

My hair right after using oVertone for the first time (my hair was very light blonde on the ends before)
Me (next to my bud William Shakespeare) with my diluted routine hair (a lil less bright!)
Me after a trip to Half Price Books (and I’m pretty sure this was some day 2 hair but this is one of my most recent pictures of my hair)
A picture from a few days ago (emulating some Lana). You can tell the oVertone likes to stick to the more damaged parts of my hair (the ends) and the new growth that I haven’t completely murdered yet always has a nice redder hue from it.


Disclaimer: I bought my kit myself, and this is not a sponsored post – I’m just sharing my experiences with oVertone

Thank you for reading! oVertone is a great company being run by a small number of people and they have a lot of love in what they do. I’d highly recommend checking them out on their website and look around on their blog!

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